Wireless Broadband

Even in 2012, we still come across many residential and business customers who have very slow or even no broadband. The problem is that the phone lines that support their premises are either too long or of too poor a quality to handle the broadband signal. In some cases the exchanges themselves are limited to a maximum of 2Mega bits per second (Mbps) for each customer, even under ideal conditions.

So we have started to put in place a wirless broadband distribution system. Although only serving the local area just now, we hope to broaden our coverage quite quickly. Not only can we get to places that others can't we will in the future be able supply speeds that others can't. Although 6Mbps is the fastest speed we offer at the moment, all our radios are capable of much faster speeds. Although we can't supply you with those speeds just yet, our network is more than capable of coping with it.

Who would benefit?

Anyone who cannot get broadband at all or who has a broadband speed of less than 4Mbps. If you already have a broadband speed of 4Mbps or higher, then this is probably not the service for you just now although we hope to offer higher speeds in the near furure.

How Does It Work?

Well quite simply, instead of using your phoneline to deliver the broadband signal, we use radio, which at a stroke eliminates the problems caused by the phone lines. In fact, with our system you could actually get rid of your phone line and save yourself some money. We simply install a small radio receiver somewhere on your premises and point it towards our transmitter. We then bring a cable down from the receiver and connect it to your computer or existing network switch. It's as simple as that.


For a simple installation where we can simply fix the antenna to your existing TV aerial mast or a small bracket that we supply, the installation cost is £120 provided we use no more than 30m of cable. If your installation is more complicated then we will quote a price before installation. The monthly ongoing cost depends on which package you choose to subscribe to. Details are on the right of this page..

Price and Availability

First check our coverage map. If you are inside the blue area there is a good chance you can receive our service but please note that this is an approximate map only. Trees and buildings will also block our signal. We will do a free site survey to confirm if you can receive our signal before going ahead with the installation.


Please note that there is no long tie in to our service. We operate a rolling monthly contract and you can opt out at any time simply by giving 14 days notice prior to the start of your next monthly period.

Installation - One off non refundable cost of £120.
This covers our time for doing the installation at your premises. The radio that we will mount on the outside of your premises remains our property at all times.

Monthly Costs

One simple fee of £18 per month including VAT.
This includes a monthly allowance of 40GB of data. Data consumption is only metered between 8am and 8pm on weekdays. Outside these times, data use is unmetered and unlimited.

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